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“The Year of the Snake – for Business Owners”

Need a second chance to make good on your New Year’s Resolutions? No worries.

February 10th is Chinese New Year and this is The Year of the Snake.

Normally, most people don’t ask themselves how they can think and act more like a snake. But this year – you might want to reconsider.

Here are some interesting facts and attributes of a snake that you can apply to your business.

Don’t Get Charmed

You’ve seen the pictures and videos of snakes getting charmed. They move along as if they were hypnotized.

This year – don’t get hypnotized. Don’t get charmed in to sleepwalking through another business year.

– How to does someone charm a snake? –

They train it.

The charmer puts a piece of wood in front of them the first few times the snake comes out of the basket

The snake – as soon as it’s out of the basket – it become aggressive and attacks what’s in front of them.

Only – their fangs hit the wood causing the snake great pain.

Run into a wall a few times – and soon you start to think – maybe I won’t do that anymore.

Don’t get charmed.

Stay aggressive. Don’t be like the snake that is afraid to attack.

Fine your opportunity this year and seize it. Be aggressive.

Or if all else fails go with some charmer’s safety net – and remove your opponent’s teeth.

How do you do that???

The best defense to silence an enemy? Is to distance yourself. You legitimize your opponent by acknowledging their actions.

Don’t Blink

Snakes don’t. Hard to blink if you don’t have eyelids.

Snakes don’t have eyelids.

So this year – don’t blink.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities that others don’t see.

That’s easier said than done.

So an easy tip rather than to just watch for opportunities… is to ASK yourself if there’s an opportunity.

You meet a new business contact… ask yourself how you can FIND a new opportunity to grow your business AND THEIRS.

Another tip to business owners and new entrepreneur – get used to very little sleep.

James B. Maas, a sleep expert and professor at Cornell University, says that start-up business owners in particular often lose more than 700 hours of sleep a year — about the same amount of sleep lost by parents of newborns.

So for those of you who know me… I’m about 2ooo hours in the hole since 2010 Fact is, being your own boss means you are the one to call a day.

And when you can push yourself 30 more minutes? You will. And… to succeed? You must.

Shed Your Scales

Snakes shed their scales

Shed yours.

What happened last year is now in the past.

You did great? That’s fantastic. That was last year. No sense in sitting on that.

You didn’t do so well last year? Well it’s also time to move on.

What happened last year is done. Take it off like an old coat.

Learn from it. Apply what you can. But do not dwell on the loses.

Or better yet? If you had a bad year? Re-invent yourself.

This is a new year. What you do with it is up to you.

But think and act like a snake – and good things will happen.

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