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Why Every Photographer Needs A Football Schedule

My friend who is a real estate agent just sent me one of these in the mail.

It’s a schedule of all local, state, and professional football games.

Perfect timing.

Why does every photographer need one of these?

This schedule will be the best predictor of when you will be busy… when NOT to schedule special shoots and what your fall will look like.

Next to The Super Bowl – probably our weakest day of the year is college “Rivalry Week.”

People just don’t get married during that Saturday.

And it will tell you that it’s probably not a good idea build a “mini session” campaign that day.

If you’re a traveling photographer – it will also give your best travel routes.

For example  Рin the fall Рwhen I have to travel from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta РI used the schedule either travel I-20 or I-26. On Saturday Clemson home games? I travel the Columbia I-20 way and visa versa.

Doing that? I save in traffic time… and hotel costs are also cheaper on “the other side.”

But most of all? Having a the football schedule handy just grounds you back to reality.

After all – it is football season!

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