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Where to Put the Subject on THESE Type Pictures

Ok… this is nothing new under the sun. You’ve seen this picture before. You have a bride or a groom – and you stick the wedding party behind them and you rock it at F 2.8

It looks like this:










Ok… this is all good. And if you’re a wedding photographer – we’ve a done this picture before.

But here’s where the new info comes.

Where do you place the subject? Where do you place the bride and groom in relation to the wedding party?

Because if you pull them TOO far away? The wedding party is too small.

If you pull them TOO CLOSE? Then¬† you won’t have every bridal party member BLURRY in the background.

Yeah – I get it. You can sit there an experiment on the day of the wedding to make sure EVERYONE is in the bride party is in the picture.

But here’s a simple rule of thumb.

You pull the subject in front – ONE YARD for EVERY bridal party member.

So if you have a wedding party of 6 members. The bride – the groom – and 3 on each side…

Then you march out 6 yards out.

If you have 4 bridal party members – 2 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaids… same thing.

You march out 4 yards.

No… I don’t take a tape measure.

I’m like an NFL Referee marching off penalty yards. I just walk however many yards.

Again – I get it – this type of picture is NOTHING NEW.

But on the day of the wedding – do you really want to guess where you put the bride?

Just march it down like a boss and say – “You all stand HERE.”




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