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What is a Midnight Sunset?

Ok… it’s technically NOT at midnight. And it’s technically NOT a sunset.

But I’m here today to coin a new word. “Midnight Sunset.”

What is it?

A “Midnight Sunset” is an unique skyline that can ONLY be recorded by the camera.


Because our eyes can’t see what can be captured at 1/4 second shutter speed.

Here is the info on  how to capture the Midnight Sunset – and the amazing blue hue – available 30 minutes AFTER the sun goes down. And only for a 15 minute window.

This is HOW you can get the edge as a pro photographer.


All GREAT photographer bank on that sunset shot.

Ok… I get it. Neat.

They get that money shot and they pack it home.

“We got it! We got the sunset shot!”

Ok… You got it! Later! Have an nice evening!

But YOU?

You are going to be better than that.

Because even AFTER you get the sunset shot? The FUN is just starting to begin.

Even AFTER the sun goes down? You’re not done yet.

Your work is not done.

Because there’s STILL the “Midnight Sunset.”

This is the REAL “money shot.”

Here’s how to get the OTHER good stuff.

Here’s how…

One half hour after the sun goes down…

The sun has dipped below the horizon line.

This is what you see with the human eye:

But the thing is?

There’s still light.

Only the human eye can’t see it.

If you expose it right?

You will capture what I call the “Midnight Sunset.”

This what the same scene looks like if you leave the shutter speed open for a little longer…

Same scene… but the shutter speed is open JUST a little longer”:

The key is?

The key is that the human eye can’t see this.

But your CAMERA can.

People don’t realize it’s there.

But once YOU do?

It’s just a matter of opening up your camera to a shutter speed long enough to “absorb” the blue hue.

This will impress your clients.


Because THEY can’t see it either.

They have no clue what you’re “going after.”


The key?


And know this unseen light is available to you.

From there? It’s just a matter of fundamentals.

Basically? Balancing exposure form the background to the foreground.

Also note… this blue hue is ONLY available about 30 minutes after the sun goes doen and ONLY LASTS for about 15 minutes.

Happy shooting!!!


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