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Photographer Friend asks “Should I Quit Photography?”

On one of my Facebook groups – one of my friends asked this:

Should I quit photography?

And she also asked something interesting… she asked the group: “And have you ever felt like this?”

Here’s my response:

Have I ever thought about leaving photography? Of course. But what I ask myself? Is it that I hate photography or I hate the BS. You know what? My answer is I hate the BS. But then I ask myself… “Ok… I’m at a wedding… what do I see? Wow! The cake! I can be a cake person!” And every time I say that – I’m reminded about the 1 ever 20 weddings I’m at where the bride is going on an on about the cake. “The cake person made it crooked. The cake is falling apart.” And I think – wow… would HATE to be the cake person right now. Then I ask myself.. ok.. well what about flowers.  I’ll get a job as a stress free florist. And then I’m reminded about all the times the bride is going on and on because… Because… “The flowers aren’t Fushia!!! They are PINK!!!” Ok… yeah. That florist will have a bad day. My point is this. There is BS in everything. If you love photography – hang in there. If you hate photography – leave. But there is BS in all jobs… in all careers.





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