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Rights to Reproduce

Back in the day,… we as photographers would have NEVER given  up our negatives.

When someone asked us to shoot an event? It would be a rare occasion that we woud ever sell our negatives.

But today we live in the digital world.

Eight years ago? There was no such thing, per se, as “Rights to Reproduce.”

Either someone had the negative to the image or they didn’t.

But today?

Someone can have a hi-res image of a photo we shot.

Do they have the copyright?

No. Not unless you signed it away.

In reality? We are selling our clients the “Rights to Reproduces.”

Here’s the difference.

The Copyright is just that. They own the photo.

At my studio? We don’t sell the copyright.

We sell the “Rights to Reproduce.”

In short?

My studio still owns the image.

It’s just that my client has to right to reproduce to their hearts content.

Big difference.

It’s the difference between selling your home and renting it.

Here is the wording I use on my certifcate that I give my clients when they purchase the “Rights to Reproduce.”

My clients need this when they take the image they “bought” from me.

I have these printed up with my logo on it, and they can take it anywhere.


To whom it may concern:

This letter is to certify that _____________________________ is in possession of a disk of photos taken by Gene Ho Photography.

These images were taken at __________________________ (place) on ___________________ (date).

While Gene Ho Photography retains the copyrights to the images, we are transferring the non-exclusive “Rights to Reproduce” of these images to the above person.

Any questions can be directed to Gene Ho Photography at 1-866-626-3381

Signed by: _______________________________ (GH Rep)

Date: ___________________________________

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