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Photography’s Rule of 2’s

I know you heard of the Rule of 3rds. Needs no explanation. But let me tell you about my Rule of 2’s.

We’ve all been there. You have a gorgeous couple and/or a stunning client but you’re in a place that isn’t the most – how can I say it… dynamic.

Ok… so you have a great looking subject but your in a location might not be that great.

When that happens – don’t give up.

I call it my “Rule of 2’s.”

Its very simple and it works this way.

Just look for two things that are “unusual” in the location – and see if you can get them BOTH in one pictures.

These pictures here are from my latest wedding. Great couple… beautiful church… but the reception was at a restaurant. Ok… food was great, but come’ on – we’re in a parking lot.

This picture to the left is the situation I was dealing with.

No time to panic. In this situation I go with what I call the “Rule of 2’s.”

What I do is this – I find the TWO most “unsual things” in the location – and I see if I can combine them in one picture with the couple.

Just by looking at this picture you can probably guess the first one. In Myrtle Beach, SC – we do have plenty of palm trees – but not all of them are lighted in this way. That was the one that knew what I wanted to add into the picture.

But that in itself is not going to make the picture. The other “unusual thing” that I found in this picture – is that the restaurant serves oysters. They take those cleaned oyster shells and they used it as “decorations” at the base of the restaurant. It just makes for a neat look.

So following the “Rule of 2’s” – what my job is to do is combine the two. Really – just look at the picture above – there’s just NOT a lot of stuff to do with this. But here is the picture that I took…

Here you can see the palm tree that has all the lights on it. And it looks cool. But the other element here is the neat oyster shells on the ground.

Normally – it would be green grass that might even distract from the picture and make your eye go downward. But in this case – the oyster shells – the second element in the picture adds to the unique picture.

One finally thought. One of the interesting thing about this picture was the time that it took to take the first picture – the “what does the parking lot look like” picture to the second picture.

Between the first picture and the second picture – the time was 2 minutes.

Speed counts. Once you identify what your two things are – you should be able to quickly put the shot together. I’m a big fan of speed because I feel if you continually think things over – you can think yourself out of a shot. Identify your two things that are different – and go for it. – Gene Ho

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