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ONE SIMPLE Trick that ALWAYS Gets a Kid to SMILE

Some kids are easy to shoot.Get a Kid to SMILE

Others not so much.

To get a child to smile –  I work in “Levels.”

If Plan A doesn’t work… I go to Plan B…

Work your way up…

Plan A for me is always giving a kid a

My son isn’t even 2 years old and he’s been giving high-fives for the past six months.

It’s universal. Try it and you’ll be surprised how many children know what to do when you hold your hand out.

Other kids know how to fist bump.

That’s the quickest way for me to win over a child. Hopefully that will work.

But if was that easy – we would all be pro photographers.

Every photographer has their own tricks. Use them. Try all of your own tricks that you developed over the years.

But if all else fails – Go to my “Plan Z.”

It’s a simple trick.

Just ask tell the child… “Ok… forget the smile. Just show me the FUNNIEST face you can make.” 

Then YOU make the ugliest face you can. Stick your tongue out. Roll down your eyelids… whatever.

Let the child copy you.

By this time… the child should be in hysterics.

After all? Who wants THAT picture?

From there have your camera ready and shoot away.

That’s it. That’s the trick. Ask the child to make the funniest face possible.

There’s also a reason why I don’t do this first.

That’s because right off the bat – the kid’s mom is imploring the child to smile.

It works better when you let some time to go by before you do your,“Aw Shucks… just give me an funny face”  – routine.

This also works if the child is has been doing well. Near the end of the session you can ask the child to make a funny face.

But be sure that YOU make a funny face as well!

Then get your camera ready when the child starts laughing.

Happy Shooting!

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