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Quick and Easy Firework Tips for Non-Pros

Hey all! Happy 4th of July. Here are some quick and easy tips for taking pictures of fireworks for non-pro photographers.

These tips can work with most cameras.

1) Disable your flash. When it’s dark – your camera might automatically¬† default to using a flash. Disable that.

2) Take your ISO and bring it up as high as it will go. Normally – your ISO might default at 400 or 800. See if you can set is high as it will go – possibly ISO 1600. The picture to the right of this was shot at ISO 2500.

3) If you have a choice of lenses… or if you have a zoom lens. Put the lens as wide as it will go. For example – if you have an 85mm to 35mm zoom – set it at 35mm.

4) If you know how to set your shutter speed – try something low like 1/30th of a second. And if you know how to control your aperture – try going with the lowest number possible. Like F4 is better than F16.

Try in and let me know how it goes!!! Happy 4th of July everyone!




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