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Crazy Past Two Years

So… what a crazy past two years it has been for me. For years, many of you – my fellow photographers – have seen me speak at places like WPPI in Las Vegas and also PhotoPlus in NYC and at the PPA events in Atlanta, New Orleans and elsewhere.

I believe the last time I took the WPPI stage was three years ago. The following year – I was set to go back. But then came a very interesting twist into my photographic career.

In short – I started taking pictures of Donald Trump on the campaign trail. This was in the early days of his campaign – months before he even officially announced his run. I was there in what was called “Day One.” Even early on – I felt like I was part of something special – different. Because of it – I had to chose whether I wanted to work for Trump or make arrangements to continue on speaking at WPPI.

I took the chance and stayed available for the campaign. In time, I ended up working from day one until the last day of the campaign. During that time – I did the “meet and greet” photos and the iconic pictures that you may have seen in Trump ads and on Twitter.

Since the campaign ended – I took some time to reflect on a lot of things. Mostly – what did I want out of this photography career – what did I want to do?  It sounds funny – but I even questioned whether I still even wanted to become a photographer. It had nothing to do with the campaign. I loved being on it. But I spent so much time away from home and it seemed that my life went past me in a blur.

So I took some time to reflect. I reflected on life – the options in front of me – and what I really though was best for me and my family. For starters – I do love photography. It’s me. It’s what I want to do. I have always done wedding photography and at my core – that’s what I do.  And I will continue to do that.

But to stay closer to home and yet also take advantage of opportunities presented to me – I took a great opportunity to do photography for the Governor of South Carolina. That has been wonderful so far and look forward to this.

Finally – I asked myself if I still wanted to teach photography – to share my craft. I asked myself if I wanted speak and give talks. I do. In the past – even with my busy schedule – I was able to give several talks a year. This is something I love to do.

So this is what I want to ask to all my friends here – my fellow photographers:

Please accept my sincere appreciation for sticking with me through this time. I haven’t really posted much here but I was very please on my first “login” to this site in a long time. Readership here has been very good. Thank you for this.

What you can expect in the coming months is more posts from me with some of the neat tips and tricks I’ve picked up in the past two years. Also – while I came to the “dance” too late – Sandy Puc has asked me to be part next years “Legends of Photography” Tour.

Also I wanted to thank Black River Imaging for sticking with me during this time. Please stay tuned for more neat stuff from me.

With Respect,

Gene Ho

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