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Great Consumer Video Cam For My Dad

So my sister wants to buy a video camera for my dad. And it has to be something simple enough for me to explain how to use it. My dad is someone who doesn’t text message and still has a flip phone. So I went with this… This is some …

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Awesome Video Camera

Short and simple… we’re going with this… Sony NEX-VG We’re still using SLR’s for video. But we use this camera as our “fill camera” during wedding videos. A “fill camera” is good for both actually filming of the wedding. But we also use it to record general events. Let me …

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Cameras For Non-Pros

I get this question all the time. One of my brides is going on her honeymoon and she wants to know what camera to get. Recently I had one bride who will be going to China. Another bride will be going to Ireland on her honeymoon. They want to know …

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Tweeting Live – My First Ever Wedding Video!

Following along with me on this journey! Who:  Me… Gene Ho. Photographer with over 20 years experience who will do his first ever wedding video and Tweet the event in real time. In 20 years as a pro wedding photographer, I’ve never done a wedding video and I’m welcoming this …

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Horry-Georgetown Technical College – Suggested Equipment

Horry-Georgetown Technical College Continuing Education Photography Class Instructor: Jeremy Smith Hello Photographers… below you will find my recommendations for both the beginner and advanced classes at Tech. In short, you need three things to take the class. 1) A camera body. 2) A lens. 3) A flash. I noted two …

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Gene’s Bag

What’s in My Camera Bag Camera – Nikon 300s Um… This body rocks. It’s at a great price point. Most definitely a pro body – that won’t break the bank. What I like most about this body is that fact that it has dual card slots. You set it so …

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