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Career Cast Ranking of Photographers – A Joke…

CareerCast.com just listed their annual top 200 jobs.

And yep… Professional Photographer came in nearly dead last… 172 out of 200.

To be honest – the list is a joke. For example – construction worker came in 1 job ahead of photographer at 171.

Garbage Collector came in at 160 – 12 jobs ahead of photographer.

My position has always been the same. Being a Professional Photographer is one of the best jobs in the world. To prove it?

Bank teller, Construction Worker – all came ahead of Photographer. Dental Hygenist came in at #6. Parol Officer came in at #27.

Being a photographer is so incredibly desirable.
Probably the ranking came in low because of supply and demand. There’s a lot of people that rather be taking pictures than collecting garbage. And because of that – income is lower…
The difference? We as Professional Photographer really don’t give a damn about the money.
Ok… yes we do… yes – I get it. We need money to buy neat stuff. But the true breed of photographer makes money – but could give a damn.
If we were really about the money – we could be a construction worker and earn on an average $5,000 more a year (…according to Career Cast.)
Most professional photographers I know – doing this has NEVER been about the money.
And if it was – there are WAY better ways to make money.
Are there photographers making GREAT money? Of course.
But for the most part – it pales in comparison to what other can do… other careers.
But most photographers will agree that this has NEVER been about the money.
And we cherish what we do every day…


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