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Photography’s Rule of 2’s

I know you heard of the Rule of 3rds. Needs no explanation. But let me tell you about my Rule of 2’s. We’ve all been there. You have a gorgeous couple and/or a stunning client but you’re in a place that isn’t the most – how can I say it… …

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Crazy Past Two Years

So… what a crazy past two years it has been for me. For years, many of you – my fellow photographers – have seen me speak at places like WPPI in Las Vegas and also PhotoPlus in NYC and at the PPA events in Atlanta, New Orleans and elsewhere. I …

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Why Every Photographer Needs A Football Schedule

My friend who is a real estate agent just sent me one of these in the mail. It’s a schedule of all local, state, and professional football games. Perfect timing. Why does every photographer need one of these? This schedule will be the best predictor of when you will be …

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Insights Into 25 Years in Business

Hey photographers! Been very busy since the last time I blogged. This year marks 25 years that I have been in business as a photographer. What does it take to succeed? Part luck…part hard work…and all strategizing. Hear a neat interview on it by scrolling below. 146: Gene Ho – …

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Great Consumer Video Cam For My Dad

So my sister wants to buy a video camera for my dad. And it has to be something simple enough for me to explain how to use it. My dad is someone who doesn’t text message and still has a flip phone. So I went with this… This is some …

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Where to Put the Subject on THESE Type Pictures

Ok… this is nothing new under the sun. You’ve seen this picture before. You have a bride or a groom – and you stick the wedding party behind them and you rock it at F 2.8 It looks like this:                   Ok… …

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