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Hey Friends…

Thanks for checking out my Underground site.

My main site is www.geneho.com – but this is my site for pro and aspiring pro photographers.

My passion is photography.

And that passion even supercedes me.

I rather share what I know… than somehow keep the “industry secrets” to myself.

I am an open book. Not only to photographers that follow this blog and I consider my dear friends…

But also to the photographers my studio competes with.

All I know, I publish here.

So enjoy this site. And together we will be inspired.


Gene Ho


The Gene Ho story begins as a young 22-year-old man who picked up a camera and fell in love with taking pictures.

The year was 1991 and it was way before the days of digital.

At the time, there were few 22-year-old wedding photographers out there.

But he became a success by marketing himself as “The Friend of the Bride.”

Basically he created a makeshift marketing campaign where he billed himself as “cool” enough to be fun and creative – “mature” enough to get the job done.

His studio at the time was in the spare bedroom in his apartment.

Today Gene Ho Photography has 25 photographers that work in 8 different cities around the nation.

His studio has photographed some of the nation’s top celebrities in sports, politics and the arts.

He has two #1 photography books with Barnes and Noble.

Gene currently appears in a nationwide Public Service Announcement for the Victory Junction Charity.

Gene also spent two years as the President’s Campaign Photographer.

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